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Unbound Albums
Leave out the binding when telling the stories of your life






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The Heirloom

Your story is just beginning and you want to capture and preserve it as it happens. The heirloom is this place. A place for your family to gather around for generations and see, smell and remember those moments that are most precious to you. Lot’s of space to grow, a satchel and a wrap for your photographs and vials to commemorate these moments and places. It includes everything from the Nostalgia Collection Kit and the Unbound Album and allows your family to present and preserve your stories for generations.

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The Christianne

The lid a functional frame and inside your memories have a place to live. A square leather satchel, vials and some hand made paper for notes to cherish. The combination of Christianne Taylor and H.H. Boogie is wonderful already but it will be magical with your images inside. 





The Evan


Concise and exactly what it needs to be. The Evan is for the preservation of a chapter in your story. Your senior year, documenting your engagement, a season in your child’s life or that trip that you always want to stay close. A place for 4×6 fine art prints, a small open space and three vials. As Evan Hunt says ” Small enough to hold in your hand, beautiful enough to display in your living room, and grand enough to make an impact.”

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We are huge fans of books and the stories they hold. They transport you to places you can only dream of. But when it comes to telling the stories of our lives, we leave out the binding. When you have fine art you don’t glue and stitch it; rather, you cherish it one moment at a time. You want to be free to hang it on your walls, gift it to a friend, or re-live it one page at a time.

That is why our albums are Unbound. For you and for future generations.

Unbound is a collection of beautifully handcrafted Amish-made boxes to fill with your collection of prints, nestled in beautiful fabric and protected by a leather satchel.

They also come with vials. Vials are small time capsules to hold parts of your wedding day forever. They hold any small memory precious to you and attached to your wedding story.

Examples of things you can include in the vials: 
- Tiny scroll  of vows
- The ground you walked on at your wedding day
- Perfume you wore on the wedding day
- Dried petal from your bouquet & boutonniere
- Beads or ribbon clipping wedding colors
- Sand from a special beach or unity ceremony
- Bark from the tree near your first kiss
- String you both tie a knot into as a promise
- Bead or lace from wedding dress


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Unbound Satchel & Leather Wrap

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