Exceptional Abilities Portraits



I am here to help your family

capture its memories,

decorate your walls

and save those moments for future generations.


When was the last time your family had a portrait taken? Do you have it on the wall where you can enjoy it, or is it on a disk in a drawer? Is it hard for your family to create time to have a portrait taken? Are you worried how your family will be treated, or how your family will adapt to a stranger, in a new place, with a camera?

What makes Rachel Christine Photography Different?


  • ABA trained, and worked one on one for over 5 years with children with Autism. Over 2 years working with children who have emotional disorders.
  • I understand that some days just don’t work for portraits, and it’s ok to reschedule, or reschedule a few times.
  • I know eye contact can be a challenge.
  • Need to bring along a stuffed animal or stim toy, cool with me.
  • I have a huge reinforcer bag with toys that I have found to be wonderful motivators. 
  • Maybe we need to lengthen or cut the photo shoot time short. That’s also o.k. 
  • Want to meet up a few times before the portrait session so I can meet your family? Sounds good to me, I prefer to meet before and get to know your family.


Please email/call Rachel Christine Photography for a consultation