Hello, Nice to meet you.

My name is Rachel and I am Photographer born and raised in Northern California. My Mother and I traveled when I was young giving me the opportunity to become a passionate Photographer at an early age. In high school, I took black and white photography, bought my first all manual film SLR, and fell in love with photography’s history. At the age of seventeen, I got a job at a camera store. That opened up not only a huge learning experience but also a discounted way to try new photography techniques.

During my time at the camera store, I entered into Sunrise Mall’s 29th Annual Amateur Photography Contest, and came home with Award of Merit in Open Color Category and Honorable Mention in Sports. Those awards gave me the little bit of push I needed to go forth and practice, practice, and practice some more. About five years later, and a Husband who supports me in all my creative endeavors, I went back to school and took black and white, advanced black and white and digital photography at a local college.

While working on my photography passion, I was working as an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist for children who have Autism. After four years of a wonderful time working one on one with special friends, whom I had created a great friendship, my company had to close. Now I am working on specialization in portraits for children who have special needs while working with emotionally disturbed children. I know how much time, patience, and dedication it takes to create a friendship, and how rewarding it is in the end, it also helps to have a large bag of reinforcers with me. When I am not shooting I am working as a respite therapist for children who have ADD/ADHD and Autism and as an Emotionally Distrubed ParaEducator for a local school district.

I am currently shooting with Nikon and Fuji professional digital cameras, Nikon N90 film, and a 120mm Holga medium format camera. I spend a few nights a week as an assistant teacher at a black and white photography class. I also run the lab and take care of the chemicals. My favorite part of the experience is the beginning of a new semester when I gets to meet all the new people and say hi to all the old faces.

I have recently won a Finalist spot in the Photographers Forum Magazine’s 30th Annual College Photography Contest, and Second Place in Portraits for San Joaquin Delta College Mediafest.

I continue my love of photography, trying new techniques, mastering my style and growing young in a small town in Northern California.