Welcome to My {Beautiful Obsession}


A little about me.

  • Fun, loud, Italian
  • Aries 
  • Animal lover
  • Black & White fan
  • Activist


Some more about me.

Ciao Bella! (Hello Beautiful!)

I’m Rachel, nice to meet you.

I have always had a hard time writing down what my personality is like. I would say I have a very outgoing, and personable attitude. My friends and family would say that I am very open and honest. I stand up for other people’s rights, and am not embarrassed easily.

Being an Aries Italian, well.. I am loud, enthusiastic, and a leader of the pack. I love going to the movies and trying new places to eat. As well as meeting new people, and their pets.

I am married and have wonderful kids that wear their fur coats all the time.

When I am not working with my photography clients, I am working in a print shop for a local school district, and before that working with children who have emotional disabilities in a classroom setting. Going back a few more years, working as an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist for children who have Autism. After four years of a wonderful time working one on one with special friends, whom I had created a great friendship, my company had to close. Now I am working on specialization in portraits for children who have special needs. I know how much time, patience, and dedication it takes to create a friendship, and how rewarding it is in the end, it also helps to have a large bag of reinforcers with me. I love to eat good food, and would consider myself a foodie. I have been nicknamed "Spicy Meatball" (curvy, feisty, Italian woman) by my loving hubby. Ha-ha. I have that wild, unruly curly hair that always does what it wants, when it wants.

Photography for me is not just a hobby, but after all these years, also a way of life. I look at light, and think of how to photograph it. I look at people’s facial structure and wonder how the shadows will fall on their face. I see the beauty in ordinary life, and I love to photograph ordinary things in a beautiful way.

I love black and white photography. I feel that black and white photographs capture a person’s timeless personality. It has a connection with people that color photography has a harder time doing. I also am obsessed with film photography. I love film because you have to make sure that the photo is what you want to make it before you take the photo. It’s not like digital where you can take hundreds of photographs and fix them all later. It’s an art form, and I believe the true test of a photographer.

I believe that all children should not have to go hungry, that all people/races/genders/sexual orientation/age are treated equal, and that what you get in life is based off your choices and a bit of luck. I also strongly believe that the every person deserves the right to marry who they love, no matter their race or gender.

This is my favorite place to go to relax. Dillon Beach I Love You.


My qualifications.

  • Assistant Adjunct Professor and Lab Tech for Delta College’s Black & White Photography Department from 2009-2012
  • Have A'ced over five photography courses from accredited Colleges
  • Over 400 hours learning new techniques in Professional Photography workshops from CreativeLive.com and Professional Photographers of America
  • Director of Photography & Events for ITC Modeling & Production Co. from December 2011 through April 2012
  • Over 10 years of hands on experience in Portrait Photography, Landscape and Creative Projects
  • I have won over eight awards and have had work in several gallery shows
  • I am an active paid member of Professional Photographers Of America (click)



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